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2010 Ford F550 Altec AT37G Bucket Truck - 35246
Stock #:  35246
Unit:  AT37G
Mileage:  109,400
Chassis MFG:  Ford
$49,900.00 $47,500.00
2004 Sterling With Altec AA600 60ft Bucket Boom - M060852
Stock #:  M060852
Unit:  AA600
Mileage:  11,000
Chassis MFG:  Sterling
2005 Ford F550 Altec 42ft Bucket Truck - M092251
Stock #:  M092251
Unit:  AT37G
Mileage:  157,440
Chassis MFG:  Ford
2005 Ford F550 Altec 42ft Bucket Truck - M092252
Stock #:  M092252
Unit:  AT37G
Mileage:  156,672
Chassis MFG:  Ford
2006 Ford F550 Altec 42Ft Bucket Truck - C41119
Stock #:  C41119
Unit:  AT37G
Mileage:  146,051
Chassis MFG:  Altec
2000 Ford F750 National 14k lb. Knuckle Boom Truck - C09072
Stock #:  C09072
Unit:  N80A
Mileage:  104,186
Chassis MFG:  Ford